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Poster session

BCLAS kindly invites you to submit an abstract for the poster session of its symposium, which will be held on 20 and 21 May 2019 at the Floréal Centre in Blankenberge (Belgium).

Guidelines for the submission of abstracts

The committee would like to encourage submissions from scientists as well as from animal technicians. The submission of an abstract implies that

  • one of the authors will attend the Symposium and be present with his/her poster during lunch break (May 21st), to reply to possible questions concerning the work described.
  • posters will remain in place during the entire day of the symposium. Material should be available from May 20th 2 PM. Posters could be sent to the organization if there is no possibility for the author to be present on the first day.
  • a PDF copy of the poster should be sent to before April 10th.  This criteria is mandatory to be part of the jury’s evaluation.

Selection of abstracts for poster presentation will be based on the following criteria:

  • Respect of the guidance for abstract submission.
  • Originality and relevance of the work in the field of Laboratory Animal Science and Medicine.
  • Clarity and significance of the hypothesis being tested, including general context description.
  • Clarity of analytical method used in theoretical or case reviews.
  • The possibility to apply the results in daily practice.
  • Respect of basic ethical review principles (cost benefit parameters should at least be summarized).

Instructions for authors

All abstracts and posters must be in English.

  • Abbreviations should be avoided or explained.
  • Abstracts should not exceed 400 words in Verdana font 11 with interline of 1,5.
  • The title should be in Verdana bold font 12.
  • Affiliations should only be given in short, since the addresses will be presented in a separate section (if the authors agree).


Influence of environmental enrichment on behaviour

X. Janssens, B.D. Smits
Company, City, Country

  • The abstract must be sent as a Word document via E-mail to, no later than 05/04/2019.
  • Please mention the family name, the first name, the organization/institution address, the city, the zip code, the phone number and the E-mail address of the corresponding author and the names, the organization/institution and the city of the other authors.
  • Abstracts in other formats will not be accepted.
  • Corresponding authors will get a notification of the acceptance/refusal of their abstract by 26/04/2019.
  • Authors whose abstract is approved are kindly requested to print the poster size 80 cm wide x 110 cm high (i.e. portrait). The posters should be delivered at the reception desk on the afternoon of May 20th, if the author is attending the workshops or before 9:00 am on May 21st.

Poster session:

Authors are supposed to be available during the poster sessions organized on the day of the symposium. NEW: In order to draw the symposium participant’s attention to their poster, authors are invited to present their poster on May 21st in the main auditorium between 12:00 and 12:30 hrs with a presentation of maximum 3 minutes.

Authors should also be present when the awards are issued at the end of the symposium. In the absence of the author, the prize will go to the next best poster. Posters will be evaluated by an expert review team. Main criteria are content, presentation structure and language.

BCLAS will award the best 3 posters at the end of the symposium.

Publication: The abstracts will be published in the symposium proceedings and on the members only- pages of our website If you wish to alter your poster slightly for online publication, please send a copy by email to before 11/06/2019.

This message may be forwarded to any of your interested colleagues.