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Forum for animal caretakers and technicians

Version Française                                                                                                          Nederlandse versie

You have developed a new technique to more easily collect small blood volumes from mice?
Challenges encountered with a new transgenic animal model and how a solution was put in place?
A new app to keep track that racks were already changed and that still have to be done?
Experiences with validation of lab animal equipment to heat/warm animals worth sharing with the LAS community?
An internal comparison of different types of enrichment from which others may learn?
An initiative taken to foster a culture of care that turned out to be very successful?
Clinical problems encountered and how a solution was provided to prevent them or to successfully restore the animal’s health & welfare?

BCLAS believes that every year many new (small) initiatives are taken to improve the daily life of lab animals, technicians and researchers working with animals. Many of these may also be relevant to other institutes. BCLAS therefore organizes a workshop during which a forum will be provided to animal caretakers and technicians to talk about small improvements they were able to make, to share experiences about what works and what doesn’t, to talk about new initiatives taken and useful feedback that matters for colleagues from other labs.

We received 7 proposals of topics for the Dutch speaking forum:

  • Valkuilen en moeilijkheden bij het runnen van een quarantaine eenheid (KULeuven)
  • Cage change app (Janssen)
  • Valkuilen en oplossingen bij de huisvesting van landbouwhuisdieren (KULeuven)
  • Het effect van hanteren via cupping of tunnel op muizen (Janssen & HAN Hogeschool Van Arnhem & Nijmegen)
  • Moeilijkheden in de communicatie naar onderzoekers toe in een universitaire setting (KU Leuven)
  • pH metingen maag hond: techniek, uitdagingen, ervaringen (Janssen)
  • Hanteren & socialiseren van ratten (Janssen)

As all these topics are valuable it has been decided to start the forum at 09.15AM already instead 10.30AM as announced in the original symposium program.

As there were no proposals from French-speaking volunteers, there will not be a session in French. People who already registered for the French-speaking forum for animal caretakers and technicians may of course attend the Dutch speaking session or contact the BCLAS administration to modify their registration accordingly.